Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's actually pretty funny that my last post was about my grand plans for sewing and then the wheels completely fell off of my life and rolled down the hill!

The other funny thing about my lack of sewing productivity is that despite not completing any projects recently, I have still added to my fabric stash and lined up future projects at the rate I would if I was prolific!

Currently nearing completion though is a dress made from some Liberty Lawn my husband procured for me while in London in January. I asked him to pick me up so Liberty fabric, thinking he might pop into a fabric store and buy some but he went all out and went to the main store, took photos and brought me home two 2 yard pieces.

He does very well picking fabric for me although he tends to choose colours in the purple, blue, brown, gold colourways whereas I would gravitate towards greens, reds, pinks...But I don't complain!!

Do you have 'cutting-into-nice-fabric-phobia'? I do -- badly. I sweat over the choosing just the right pattern and preparing the fabric and cutting into it...Often I end up sewing with my crappy sale fabrics and leaving the good fabrics languishing in the stash! I decided I needed to bite the bullet and get stuck into sewing with some Liberty Lawn straightaway.

I chose this pattern to use the Strawberry Thief fabric:

I am just sewing in the sleeves and you know...I don't think it was the best pattern to use the Liberty Lawn for. FRACK IT. The lawn is too crisp and the sleeves kind of stick out. I think this dress needed a fabric with a softer drape. But it's ok I guess. I just knew this would happen if I used some of my good fabric!!

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  1. I love the William Morris design can't wait to see what you make with it. I remember in the good old days wandering through the Liberty of London store in the St James Arcade in Elizabeth Street Sydney. The fabrics were so smooth to touch. I have used one piece of Liberty lawn to make a dress for a porcelain doll in about 1990. That's it, sad but true