Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oliver+S digital patterns

Oliver+S make the cutest patterns for kids and the instructions make any seamstress look like a pro. I've made three garments for Miss Six and now I'm hoping to make some for Miss One Tomorrow.

The sad thing about Oliver+S patterns is that they go out-of-print but they have just started reissuing the op ones as digital downloads. How cool is that? I'm pretty partial to a downloadable pattern because they are usually cheaper and they are instantly attainable.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rip it off: Anthro Tea-And-Crumpets Kid's Apron

I might have to rip-off this Anthro children's apron. Cute, no?

There's even a matching grown up apron!

Actually, the more I study it, the more I think it is wasted as an apron and would make a super cute dress.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To sew or buy?

I very rarely buy clothes - usually only t-shirts and jeans. I always think that I should make it. Exceptions are when the fabric is what makes it - ie. a border print or placement print that is unique - or something that is so dirt cheap I couldn't make it for the price.

Now this dress has tempted me to buy it.

It's pretty much perfect. I love the fabric and everything about the style. It is $US32.99 and although I could make it cheaper I probably wouldn't. My measurements for bust, waist and hips sit perfectly on the Medium size. But hold on, what's this? 34" in length from shoulders? I'm 163cm tall which is not really tall - about 5'3" - and this dress would still be about 7 or 8 inches above my knee! Where are we wearing skirts these days? I bend over a million times a day and often have both hands occupied with my butt facing the public while I strap kids into the car. This would have to be a tunic over leggings for me. Not a bad idea. But what do tall people do?

What I like vs what I wear

In my mind I spend my days tripping through fields of flowers wearing a floaty, romantic dress. I tend to be drawn to beautiful floral fabrics that will make a lovely 1950s style dress or patterns with ruffles and skirts.

In reality, I spend most of my life doing school drop off and pick up and playing on the floor with a baby. I need to focus on sewing clothes I can be comfortable in but also feel good in when I am running around the place to the shops, piano lessons or school assemblies.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sewing challenge

I've been set a little challenge to replicate a baby's bonnet/hat from a photo taken thirty-some years ago. Sewing dainty things is tricky! I think I have the prototype down and now to source the right fabric and lace. It needs to be just right for a sweet little girl.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

WIP: Bargain Burdastyle Knee Length A-line Skirt 10/2011

Ok, this is why I am not a very productive sewer. I went to Spotlight this morning which is about a 40 minute endeavour, and I wanted lining for a skirt I'm making. The problem is, the fabric for the skirt cost $6 from the sale table and I couldn't bring myself to pay more for the lining than the skirt! So I walked out empty-handed. I have some purple lining in my stash that I bought as a remnant for $2 but the skirt is orange and I wanted white lining. But now I'm thinking...purple and orange? Why not?

This is the skirt I'm making. Pattern from Burdastyle (10/2011 Natté Knee Length A-Line Skirt)