Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crikey! More than a year since I last blogged. What on earth happened?

Firstly, I have done no sewing (making a dirndl skirt for my daughter's bookweek outfit doesn't really count). Secondly we have moved house twice and I didn't unpack my machine in the house-sit we had for 5 months. Thirdly, I was pregnant and suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum -- severe morning sickness; I threw up until literally the day I delivered. And, as I've seen other pregnant women comment, my creative juices dry up when I'm pregnant. I have no motivation to sew.

So, now I have 3 girls and my baby is nearly 6 months. We're slowly unpacking boxes and trying to find storage solutions to reduce our clutter. 

My sewing table is set up and my machine and overlocker are headed off for a grease and oil change. I hope this is a fresh start for me and sewing.

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