Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Bits of the Blogs

I've been up to my neck in work the past two weeks with nine more days to go of ridiculous deadlines. That has meant very little sewing time. I have managed to unpick my crescent skirt back to the waistband. But I have still been reading the blogs and here are my picks for articles this week.

Not completely sewing related but very related to me and working from home right now. Gertie from the Newblogforbettersewing has started working from home and has been contemplating fashion for her new lifestyle.

Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch, the artist formerly known as the Cupcake Goddess, has just finished a beginners sewalong for the new Colette A-line skirt, Ginger. There are heaps of tips and articles from other bloggers such as Tasia from Sewaholic, Gertie from the newblogforbettersewing, Sarai from Colette Patterns and Casey from Elegant Musings.

And if you're a Glee fan, pop on over to What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? to check out the voting for most popular Emma Pillsbury outfit. I personally loved the Fantastic Field Skirt and the navy and white floral Kate Spade Josie dress teamed with the teal cardigan and coral accessories.

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