Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eyelet Inspiration

I saw a gorgeous eyelet dress ages ago and have been lusting after one of my own ever since. I bought some eyelet fabric from Lindcraft but it isn't in my preferred colour -- it was just that I hadn't seen anything quite right. Then Gertie from the Blog for Better Sewing posted about a gorgeous eyelet dress AND a source for a stunning red eyelet fabric.

My mind went into over drive and I came up with this:

Again, an out of print pattern. What is wrong with me?? But I have been lucky so far and managed to get this one again from ebay.

Here is the fabric Gertie posted from Mood Fabrics.

Some other eyelet love:
Love this Marc Jacobs top, and the high waist poplin shorts! (Looks better with long legs I'm sure). It is a top with a coordinating cami. The top reminds me of Colette patterns Sencha blouse.

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