Friday, October 7, 2011

Stash Building

I went to Spotlight to get a zipper for my crescent skirt, which I'm making out of a light sateen. I actually went to Lincraft during the week and can you believe they didn't have a black zipper in anything even close to the length I wanted? I would have thought black dress zippers were kind of a basic bread and butter stock item.

I'm actually considering getting some zippers online because I'm not sure I'm sold on the Birch brand which is all you can get at Spotlight. Hubby suggested I buy YKK because he knows zippers...hmmm...apparently he does which is weird.

Anyway, I "ducked" into Spotlight for a 99c zipper and got stuck at the sale table. Sometimes (mostly) Spotlight sale tables are very missable but sometimes you get lucky. Today I bought some very cheap polyester fabrics, mostly. They were $3-$5 per metre. I have been wanting to practice with some chiffon and what better way than to start with fabric that costs a sum total of 10 bucks? I have my eye on the Taffy top which is in the forthcoming book from Colette patterns.

My haul from left to right: Red double georgette; dark and light chocolate with mustard yellow polyester chiffon; a vintage looking (I think) off white polyester chiffon with burnt orange and cornflower blue flowers; and a mystery (cotton drill?) fabric in bright terracotta - it doesn't have any stretch which is a shame but it matches really well with the blue and orange floral chiffon so maybe it will be a meringue??

And finally, the cheapest of the lot, a really strange satin with an eagle/floral/mask motif and a black border. It is kind of like one of those psychologist images where you have to say what you see. It was $3 a metre and I'm not sure what I will do with it or if in fact I like it?

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