Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finished Project: The Emergency 'Interview Blouse'

Pattern: Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse (yes, my last 3 projects have been Sewaholic patterns)
Fabric: Lightweight Cotton Sateen (Spotlight)

I had an interview this week and I decided I had NOTHING TO WEAR!! I suggested to my husband, the night before the interview, that I would sew something and he refrained from laughing but it was obvious he thought I was either joking or had completely lost it. But I did it. I figured this took me 3 hours sewing time. I had already sewed two muslins the weekend before.

The first muslin I made was the size 12 and it was enormous!! My bust and waist measurements were slightly bigger than the 10 but smaller than the 12 so I cut the 12. I went back and cut the 10 tapering down to an 8 over the hips and it was a pretty good fit.

I used french seams throughout -- the fabric was light enough. It was a bit bulky on the seam that includes the sleeve cap but as it didn't need to lay flat it was ok. It sits nicely out although I would wear a belt I think. I should have done a sway back adjustment but didn't have time. Tucked in or using a belt, this shouldn't matter.

The pleated sleeves were very easy to sew -- I looked up the sewalong to see how Tasia did them. My big mistake on this pattern was that I didn't cut the size 10 for the sleeves, I just cut the biggest size!! So this is a size 10 blouse with size 16 sleeves. Oops!

This top was so comfortable to wear and I felt really confident. It is unlined and will be lovely in the hot weather.

Excuse the creased state of my skirt. This was after the interview and after doing the school run. Miss Six snapped a quick picture with my iphone. 

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