Thursday, November 3, 2011

WIP: Bargain Burdastyle Knee Length A-line Skirt 10/2011

Ok, this is why I am not a very productive sewer. I went to Spotlight this morning which is about a 40 minute endeavour, and I wanted lining for a skirt I'm making. The problem is, the fabric for the skirt cost $6 from the sale table and I couldn't bring myself to pay more for the lining than the skirt! So I walked out empty-handed. I have some purple lining in my stash that I bought as a remnant for $2 but the skirt is orange and I wanted white lining. But now I'm thinking...purple and orange? Why not?

This is the skirt I'm making. Pattern from Burdastyle (10/2011 Natté Knee Length A-Line Skirt)

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