Friday, April 1, 2011

Pattern Review: Oliver+S Jump Rope Dress

I fell in love with the Jump Rope Dress from Oliver+S as soon as I saw it. It is so cute and different to fashion being sold for children in most chains (sparkly mini skirts and black boots with midriff tops -- hello). And the details are gorgeous: collar, cuffs, belt-loops, pockets, buttons...I love the way Oliver+S designs bring back the innocence of childhood. This was my first Oliver+S pattern but I have a few more in the pipeline.

I knew this pattern fitted the bill of increasing my skill as well.

What fabric did you use?
I used a 100% cotton fabric that I got for a song off ebay. I liked the cute floral pattern in apricots but once I'd finished it I wished I'd used a bolder colour -- I'm not sure it went so well with my daughter's 'peaches and cream' complexion. I have a navy and white polka-dot cotton in my stash that I might make another version in. The nice thing about Oliver+S patterns is that you can use quilt-weight cotton and gosh there are some cute quilting fabrics available.

How easy was the pattern to use?
This pattern was a dream. Really. Many other Oliver+S devotees have said how sewing with one of their patterns is like taking a sewing class, and it really is. The instructions are so clear and there are even tips to help overcome common problems. I loved the tip for sewing the tiny pieces without losing them down into the bobbin: sew onto a piece of tissue paper. It gives stability and you can tear it away after you have finished sewing.

What level of sewing skill was required?
Oliver+S classify this as a 3 scissors out of 4 in difficulty which translates to "INTERMEDIATE: For the experienced sewer who has made a wider variety of items and feels comfortable with a new challenge." I think this is probably accurate because it was a bit fiddly with the details but honestly as long as you have some patience and commonsense this was very straight forward. I would possibly even describe it as advanced-beginner.

Did it turn out like the picture? 
Absolutely! It is one of those projects where you finish it and can't believe you made it. All the little finishing touches made it very neat and tidy.

Where can I get the pattern?
This is the bad news. It is out of print. That's right. Out of print! But you may be able to get it from a supplier that still has stock or second-hand from ebay or etsy.

One is currently for sale on etsy: 6m-3T as of 6 APril 2011.
If you want inspiration, check out the pics from a jump rope sew-along:

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  1. This little dress looks amazing you should be proud and delighted by this result. I have looked at the oliver paterns in the past and wondered how they would sew up? you, very nicely. I am inspired to try something for darling grandson. Well done you x
    Bye the way I love your sewing blog it is great reading.