Monday, October 21, 2013

Cherry Half Circle Skirt

Miss C loves looking through my stash and found some cherry patterned fabric that she loved. She asked if I could make a 'vintage looking skirt' with it. I decided to make her a circle skirt but only had one metre so it became a half circle skirt. I drafted the pattern myself using this tutorial.

I ended up having to cut the waist circle bigger to pull on which shortened the length but I don't think it ruined the result.

I used plain white elastic sewn straight onto the waist. Miss C doesn't like how that looks. Perhaps next time I'll dye some elastic to match.

I learnt a new skill as well -- using my rolled hem foot. It was really ingenious! When I saw it working I made little nerdy squeaks of excitement! It made hemming a curve very simple and I only had to fold under the one fold then the foot did the rest!

Rolled hem foot in action!

I'm going to call this a wearable muslin as I had to fiddle with the pattern, the elastic isn't ideal and the rolled hem was my first attempt ever and has a couple of flaws. I'll definitely make more!

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