Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to it: Works in Progress

Oh. my. goodness. The last three weeks I have been working about 30 hours a week which has needed to be during baby's nap time, after Miss Five has gone to bed and on the weekend. Which has meant every spare minute has been working except for my posts here on body image which were kind of work related. I wrote five articles on cosmetic surgery and an article on eating disorders which had my mind whirring about body dissatisfaction.

But I have submitted all articles and the only things left to do for work are one article due end of this week and any corrections my editor wants.

So, yesterday I got some sewing in, yay!! I started a Sunday Brunch Jacket for Miss Five which was going along nicely until I got to binding the seams. I have never used bias binding, can you imagine? I tried making my own first up which was highly unsuccessful. The  I found some vintage bias binding in my mum's notions cabinet which she gave me (ha, don't tell her I called something of hers vintage) which is actually not wide enough but as it was a Public Holiday and I couldn't run to the shop, I tried to make it fit. Not a great result but not too bad. I need a finished project so I decided not to fuss about the binding. I hand-sewed a few bits that didn't catch and since my mum made me learn to hand sew before I learnt on a machine my hand sewing is pretty unnoticeable.

I'm hoping to have that finished today and then I'll start a floor quilt for Bubba.

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