Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Matchy-Matchy?

My five year old dressed herself then came to me with an unsure look on her face and asked: "Is this too 'matchy-matchy'"?

Now, this isn't something I say which makes me wonder what Kindergarten girls talk about at recess? "Don't you hate the school uniform? It's so matchy-matchy."

Or, maybe she has secretly been watching Project Runway? (Highly unlikely) Now, I don't watch Project Runway but there is an article in The Age today Too Matchy For Heidi Klum. Apparently that is one of the criticisms of the judges -- It's too matchy-matchy.

But Revlon has taken on the matchy-matchy police by reinventing it's iconic 1952 ad for 'Fire and Ice' -- matching 'lips and tips' -- with Jessica Biel.

Best of all, the collection features what is sure to become a collector's item - a lipstick, in classic red All Fired Up, in a silver vintage case with the original "'Revlon'' logo in cursive script across the gold band. It's $25.95. The matching nail polish ($15.95) also features the vintage Revlon logo. And everything matches
The big question of the article is:

Could you see yourself - bring your fashionable self - to wear matching lips and nails (fingers and toes)? I can. I can use Mad Men to justify it to Michael Kors if necessary. I like it. Stuff cutting edge. Bring back ladylike polish.
I have to be honest. Even before this non-matchy matchy movement, I always had a deep or bright tone on my toes and a neutral but complementary shade on my nails. I guess I thought toes could be more strident but nails look best demure. But I love this fashion dilemma. Mad Men or Project Runway? I like both ways to be honest. I like my shoes to be a statement so they often don't match the rest of the outfit. But vintage lips and tips is gorgeous too. 

Or then there is world poverty, child soldiers, women in muslim countries...probably better things to think long and hard about.

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