Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interior Designing

Ok, so it's not sewing but it is along the same theme of sewing, I think, in that it uses combinations of colour, patterns, fabrics etc to create a unique look.

We have just moved into a rental that is nice -- I know! Crazy huh -- and I hope we can be here for a while. The decor of the house is very neutral which is great because you can't change a rental so if the curtains and paint etc sucks you are stuck with it. So even though we can't paint to personalise our home, the neutral decor gives me a very nice blank canvas to add some personal touches.

I have been collecting images of looks I love for children's rooms. The problem is. My eldest is five and has a mind of her own. So it isn't really fair of me to decorate her room to my taste but her taste right now is...different to mine. She wants a Hannah Montana doona cover and posters of Justin Bieber and hot pink and purple. I want vintage, floral, hand-made, classic, sea greens and ombre details.

Anyway. I hope we can come to some kind of agreement that gives her room to explore her own tastes and interests and me room to...ummm...impose my tastes and interests on her ;)

Here are some pictures I'm loving right now for ideas for her room.

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Most of it she is probably on board with but in different colours. Fortunately Amy Butler has released a wallpaper range:

I think Miss Five and I can come to some kind of arrangement.And let's not forget I have a sewing room/home office to decorate!! And another daughter who isn't old enough to speak ;)

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