Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finished Project: Sunday Brunch Jacket

Pattern: Sunday Brunch Jacket by Oliver + S (out of print)*
Fabric: Wide Wale Corduroy in emerald green, $2 per metre at Spotlight
Made for: Miss Five

This is a great jacket. The actual construction of the jacket was very fast but I came unstuck on the Hong Kong binding to finish the seams. I'm not happy with how the binding turned out but it doesn't ruin the look of the jacket. I ended up hand sewing all the binding down which took ages but was kind of therapeutic.

I used new fusible interfacing for this project, sheerweft, and I'm in love! No more cheap, crappy interfacing for me! It's not cheap -- about $10-$12 per metre -- but I bought some from McCalls when they were having a 50% off sale for Sew Loyal Club members. It's strong but keeps the drape of the fabric and fuses really well. I don't know why I always just accepted the stuff I was sold over all these years?? I noticed you can buy this from Lincraft. Not sure about Spotty.

I used a rolled up towel as a pressing ham for the collar and shoulders. This seemed to work quite well and I was really happy with the shape.

The buttons: Aren't the buttons great? I was actually showing my daughter a photo of No Big Dill's version of the Sunday Brunch Jacket in wide wale cord to show her how it would look and she fell in love with the buttons! So I hunted around and amazingly found them.

The instructions show you how to bind the seams and it doesn't include a lining but next time I might be tempted to line it. And perhaps give bound buttonholes a go!
*This pattern is out of print but I noticed on the Oliver + S forum that Liesl is thinking of making her out of print patterns available via pdf download.

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