Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tessuti Fabrics

I have an issue with fabric lust and visiting Tessuti fabrics Surry Hills last Wednesday did nothing to help. I often look at the Tessuti website and browse their fabrics and I also look at their pattern reviews to see what others are making. To be honest the price range at Tessuti is beyond me at the moment but I wanted to go there anyway. I did end up picking up 2 meters of cotton voile to make a shirt dress and a 1.1m remnant of medium weight Japanese cotton that I think I can eke an a-line skirt from. The fabric is totally worth the price - it's just not something I can do all the time. But it was a yummy experience. My husband was very impressed with the place. The service was awesome too.

Remnant of Japanese cotton

Cotton voile


  1. Tessuti is the first fabric store that a certain guy we both know says he will visit with me any's that red leather lounge and quiet atmosphere. Just near by is the Fabric Store equally pleasant I am yet to take him there but they do have a brown leather lounge. I wonder if the prices are better, the quality of the fabrics at these two stores are the best.

  2. My guy was very taken with Tessuti and in particular their lounge. He also said 'every fabric there is a winner.' As opposed to hunting for the least offensive fabric at other places. I haven't been to the other place but will now! Tessuti is going to be my special place to go to treat myself :)