Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter time away and a little sewing

Well I ended up sewing while we were away for easter. My mother-in-law was aghast that I would take my machine on holidays and....SEW!!

I finished the Music Class skirt for little Missy. She likes it, yay! I think maybe I will make it in a softer fabric next time. The denim looks really nice and was great to sew with but the pleats kind of sit out a bit...kind of too perky.

I also did the pattern prep and muslin for the Sewaholic Crescent Skirt sewalong. It's the first time I am actually caught up with a sewalong. I did more prep than I would normally because Tasia kind of said so, lol. No, really, it was great to take my time and trace off the pattern and then sew up a muslin. I have never sewn the seam allowance on a muslin before. That felt kind of weird doing all that sewing for a muslin, but I was determined to do it right!!

We had a lovely few days away. Charlotte did lots of swimming. I had a facial. We all had naps. But the trip was a bit long so by the time we were back I was exhausted :-S

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