Friday, April 1, 2011

Embroidered book covers from Penguin

New embroidered cover for Jane Austen's Emma by Penguin Threads.

I love books. Although I am currently a Health writer, my background is actually more literary. My degree is in English Lit and History with a minor in French and Italian. I then worked for the publisher Allen & Unwin straight out of uni and made a bit of a career in the book industry. 

Penguin get me every time. I love the classics and everytime they rejacket the books I HAVE to buy the new versions. So I have four copies of Wuthering Heights, Emma, The Woman in White etc. I cannot help it. A good book cover is a work of art and this is NO exception. Check out the beautiful embroidered cover for Emma. There are others in the series too. 

Check out the designer's blog here: Jillian Tamaki Sketchblog

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