Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sewing Tools: Exciting news!

My sewing machine is a little work-horse. I was given it by my parents when I turned 21. They didn't have a lot of money to spend so they bought the most basic Bernette (cousin to Bernina). It has suited me just fine for many years. Lately though it has been frustrating me. Admittedly it badly needs a service, but it is noisy and the stitches are very uneven. It also can't handle heavy fabric. I made a nappy bag a few months ago and we nearly divorced over it -- me and the machine that is. I kept thinking, don't be greedy, it's basic but it is modern and good quality. That is until I realised it is 17 years old!!

My mum bought a new sewing machine about five years ago and I would say she has used it twice. It isn't too fancy schmancy but it is a good quality Janome that handles most things very nicely...and the stitches are so even it makes me weep. As I said, she NEVER uses it. She said I could have it when she dies...Hmmm. She's 65 and hopefully a long way off kicking it. I have to admit though...I have been seriously coveting it. I keep asking for forgiveness but it doesn't leave my mind!

Last night my mum rang. Now, I have NOT been dropping hints...honestly! In the middle of a totally unrelated topic of conversation she says "I've been meaning to say...I want you to have my sewing machine now." Silence. "Oh my goodness, are you sure!!! Because it has NOT been on my mind...much."

Can you believe it? I am getting a 'new' sewing machine!!!!!!!

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