Friday, April 1, 2011

The Time Poor Sewer

Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a time poor sewer.

Possibly the reason for that is because I lack focus and spend too much time browsing wonderful fabric and patterns but rarely get down to business. For me, though, part of the fun of sewing is the whole process of finding an inspiration in terms of colour, style, texture etc. I'm always coming across beautiful inspiration on the net.

Also, I don't sew well in short bursts -- I need a big block of time with no interruptions. Probably like many amateur sewers I have way more fabric in my stash and patterns on file than I have finished products.

I am mum to two girls. Charlotte Lucie is five (b. 2005) and Freya Xanthe is 4 months (born. 2010). I'm pretty crazy right there because I just got Charlotte off to school when I found myself with a newborn. Freya is a very welcome addition to our family but not very planned...or all. But I love them fiercely, passionately, sacrificially...I'm a SAHM which drives me nuts but my belief in being here for my girls overcomes my loathing of being up to my neck in laundry, cleaning, snacks and school-drop-offs.

I do also work from home in amongst the chaos. I write and edit. Mostly I write health articles for a variety of companies. When I am employed and working in an office I am in PR and Communications.

I'm a wife to a very busy man who commutes anywhere between one and two hours to work each way depending on the traffic and his mode of transport, ie. car or bus.

AND, in there somewhere I love to sew but never get the time and I love to lust after other people's sewing and all kinds of sewing inspiration, which is much easier to slot into five minutes than threading the machine, clearing a space, turning up the music and actually SEWING.

So, I decided to start this blog, because blogging is also easier to do in five minutes than sewing, to share my inspirations, favourite looks, patterns, fabrics, name it. Because then, possibly, I am achieving something and maybe others will find some inspiration from it and actually turn it into a reality.

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