Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stash building - Oops

We got back from being away on Monday and had Tuesday at home to get sorted for back to school etc. Hubby came back from the shops and said facetiously "Looks like something is going down at Spotlight. People coming and going like crazy. You'd better get down there!" Well, I did I looked online and saw they had some interesting looking fabric in. I usually find Spotlight very hit and miss but I like cruising their sale table for the odd find.

Get down there I did, with Miss Five in tow (not usually a good move). Oh my goodness they had some amazing fabric! I bought waaay too much. I bought quite a few designs in their stretch sateen and some fine wale cord for the girls. Plus a couple of $2 a metre bargains.

I now have so many dresses in my queue, if I actually make them all I'll never be able to wear them!! I'll be the best dressed mum in the car line at school and have a dress every Sunday for the whole of Summer! I'd best get some nice cardigans and tights so I can stretch them out over Autumn.

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