Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have had a jacket on my 'to sew' list since last Winter. I was going to participate in Gertie's Lady Grey Sewalong but I found myself unexpectedly expecting and sewing for me was kind of put on the back burner.

But I'm back into it now and I still have my eye set on a jacket -- although now I think it is THREE jackets.

I spent a long time searching for just the right pattern and I ended up really wanting to make three very different jackets. Now, would you believe, all three patterns I painstakingly selected are out of print? ALL. THREE. One is still in stock at the supplier and one I found on ebay, in my size. How lucky?!? The glitch was, the seller doesn't ship to Australia. In comes my natty new myUSshipnshop address in Florida. I'm feeling a bit smug :) But not too smug -- I am still yet to source the third pattern.

The first one is a blazer that I want to sew in navy linen with cream trim. I saw a picture of one and loved it and I think this pattern is pretty close.

Out of Print - Linen Blazer with cream trim
Blazer inspiration
The second is a wool winter jacket. I love the Lady Grey pattern by Colette but didn't want anything too bulky because bulky coats make me look short and dumpy but I think this pattern fits the bill. Also out of print but available from the supplier still.

View B with self belt - Out of print
And finally, I saw a really nice tweed jacket and loved it! It's an Emerson 1960s jacket at $238. This pattern seemed a good match, but also out of print!:

Tweed jacket -- Out of print
What are the chances of me making three jackets??

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