Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frustrations Abound

Frustrations abound here today, folks. At the risk of just having a major gripe session, today is not shaping up well.

It started with the children waking up an hour early due to the recent change from Daylight Savings time. As I had worked late last night I wasn't a happy mummy. My husband tried to quell my grizzles by telling me it was actually an hour later so I hadn't woken up early. Huh? Let me tell you, if I went to bed by the new non-daylight savings clock and set my alarm by the same clock and my children woke me an hour before the alarm, then I really did miss an hour's sleep and it's not just in my mind.

As I stumbled out into the lounge-room I realised that all my barking of orders yesterday (Sunday) afternoon about having the living area neat and tidy ready for the week had failed. I had some hope that the living area would be 'liveable' and the dining table where I cut out fabric might actually have some table visible. No on both accounts. I'm not sure why I hoped I'd be able to cut out today due to my deadline today which leads me to my next frustration...

I have a deadline today and somehow, in between school drop off and pick up, amongst baby naps, feeds, washing and other chaos...I have to get  A LOT of writing done. Now, maybe I am not a great writer and others can achieve things in the midst of the hurricane of life, but I kind of need a block of QUIET and UNINTERRUPTED time to write. Weird huh.

Also I got lost on the way back from school drop off while Freya screamed in the back. I've been doing the school run for 12 months. I don't know how I got lost. Well I do. After witnessing a major accident at the street where I usually turn, I decided it was a very dangerous right turn and I should find an alternate route. In doing so I got lost...badly.

Anyhoo, there'll be no sewing done here today.

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